Wat Pho: Temple of Reclining Buddha


Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Bangkok)


Thai/คนไทย: Free
Foreigners/ชาวต่างชาติ: 100 Baht

Thai/คนไทย: Free
Foreigners/ชาวต่างชาติ: 100 Baht (?)


Have you been to this place? Were you able to get the Thai price? Was it good value for money if you had to pay the “farang” price? Let us know in the comments…

6 responses to “Wat Pho: Temple of Reclining Buddha

  1. Went there last week to show some visiting friends. Thais got in free. I showed my work permit and explained (nicely) that I live here and pay income tax and they still insisted I pay 100 baht. So I kept the ticket and will just re-use it the next time we take people there (if we can’t convince them to go somewhere else).

  2. Non-Im B visa, Thai drivers license, work permit and tax card all rejected for free entry. Farang 100 baht. Don’t think I’ll go back. Felt like a business not a place of worship.

  3. Sounds like the price has now jumped to 200 baht for foreigners…

  4. Björn Karlsson

    Went there some years ago. It was a disappointing experience because of the price difference between Thai and Farang. But also I wasn’t allowed to place my shoes on the same rack as my Thai family. In addition they were renovating the Buddha so there were a lot of scaffolding obstructing the view. I will not recommend Wat Po to my friends!

  5. Michael Boddington

    @Bjorn Karlsson

    OMG so the discrimination goes further than just dual pricing but now you can’t even place your shoes on the same racks as other Thais?

    What a disgusting joke.

    Boycott I’d say.

    Then again, most backpackers staying at nearby Khao San road don’t even bother going to the Grand Palace or Wat Pho anymore, as 500/200 Baht respectively is a huge amount of money for them, much better spent on accommodation, beer, food or transport to their next destination.

  6. I went there with my Vietnamese fiancee and her family. When we were passing, the guard ask me in English to buy ticket, to which I replied in fluent Thai that I am Thai and they let me go. Funny part is that they thought that my Vietnamese family is actually Thai so they didnt ask them to buy the ticket. If I were to pay any entrance fee, I would simply walk away…

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