Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean World (Siam Paragon, Bangkok)
Siam Ocean World, สยามพารากอน


Adults/ผู้ใหญ่ –
Thai/คนไทย: 400 Baht
Foreigners/ชาวต่างชาติ: 900 Baht
(125% more expensive for foreigners)

Children/เด็ก –
Thai/คนไทย: 280 Baht
Foreigners/ชาวต่างชาติ: 700 Baht
(150% more expensive for foreigners)

This is a large aquarium that can be found in the basement of Siam Paragon. It is a convenient location though it can be costly. When it first opened it was 450 Baht for both Thai and foreigners. However, they have since gone down the path of the 2 price system. After a lot of complaints, they now openly advertise that foreign expats can get local price if they ask. That is at least something. Please note, these are entrance prices only. You can easily pay a lot more if you want to do everything. We have heard that your hotel or a tour company may able to get a cheaper price. Also visit their website.

Have you been to this place? Were you able to get the Thai price? Was it good value for money if you had to pay the “farang” price? Let us know in the comments…

9 responses to “Siam Ocean World

  1. You could also mention double pricing at Lumpini Boxing Stadium. Or Suan Boran. Or believ or Ot Pattaya, Or Dusit ZOO. In one minute I could just remember these cases.
    But You should also say that in many places as Ocean World, if you speak thai and/or show you residence permit, you pay thai price. Also in Madame Toussaud’s Museum.

    • How many foreigners have a residence permit? Not many as the numbers are subject to a quota and the process is deliberately costly and lengthy. The vast majority of foreigners staying in Thailand long term are on Non-Immigrant visas. So how do they determine who get’s the expat price or pays full foreigner price? Do all Non-Immigrant visa holders qualify as expats? Flash a Thai driver’s license and you are entitled to expat price?
      As usual it’s all way too subjective to be helpful and no doubt those ‘lucky’ enough to qualify for the discount on another day would very likely have it refused.

  2. We have always received Thai price at Ocean World by saying we live and work in Thailand. Sometimes they ask to see our work permit or my husband’s work ID. Honestly, for a family we could not afford to visit here often at the foreigner price, but for Thai price we go about once a year. It is a nice aquarium and they have fun things for children.

    I have seen the cashiers be very strict about not giving the Thai price if you do not have a work permit or visa, but we have had other cashiers just take our word for it.

  3. Complaining about racist dual pricing on their Facebook page worked at Asiatique – they got the message and even their prices. You may wish to do the same at Siam Ocean World and post your opinion on their Facebook Page:

  4. When the Austra;ian manager left the Siam Ocean World, a Thai took over and had the new pricing structure put in place.
    I took two Thai friends there on a special occasion and the cashier tried to charge me the farang price for my Thai gurests.
    Then, before we even see any fish some pushy photographer insiste we get our picture taken for free. So we waste our time and the jerk takes our picture.
    Next we find out the printed photo is NOT FREE.
    Sleazy operation. What other business in Siam Paragon are scamming the customers?

  5. What a shame. I can kind of see it with national parks, museums and other government run sites showcasing national treasures that are heavily dependent on government subsidy. And I would kind of expect it at a sleazy go-go bar in Pattaya, or a crumby little hotel. Places that are run by some inbred clown from the village who has been there since 1970 and believes “white man rich rich” like some backwards savage in a Victorian comic book.

    However this is a full on commercial operation in the heart of the tourist district, and they think it’s a good idea to basically rip off their customers. What on earth do these morons think? If anything at all…

    It’s no wonder many Thais have a strange perception of foreigners. I really struggle to think of a better way of alienating people and ensuring that the decent, normal self respecting foreigners who live here or come on holiday stay away, meaning you are left with the dribbling, sweating, beer gutted louts with their washed up bar girls hanging off their Chang singlets who don’t mind paying over the odds.

  6. dominic viramethi

    i’am hafe thai so is my kids my wife american and i don’t know they would charge me for the ticket. I can speak thai realy well

  7. 1st time with my Thai wife & kid, the cashier asked for my Thai license, without us asking, & I got in for Thai price.
    2nd time I went with my son, I knew to show my license, and had no problem getting in for the Thai price.
    Both times circa 2010

  8. It is racist pricing, simple as that. At government subsidised places like national parks, where Thai’s tax goes into the upkeep, I agree with dual pricing. But at private ventures it is pure exploitation of foreigners because many are wealthy. The not so wealthy are being unfairly excluded by this greedy prejudice.

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