Mu Ko Lanta Marine National Park


Mu Ko Lanta Marine National Park (Krabi)


Thai/คนไทย: 40 Baht / 20 Baht
Foreigners/ชาวต่างชาติ: 400 Baht / 200 Baht
(900% more expensive for foreigners)


Have you been to this place? Were you able to get the Thai price? Was it good value for money if you had to pay the “farang” price? Let us know in the comments…

4 responses to “Mu Ko Lanta Marine National Park

  1. Went there late January 2014, no admission fee requested, the man at the entrance just smiled and waved us through.

  2. Went there 2 songkrans ago. Refused to give me Thai price despite having my actual work permit and tax ID with me. On top of that, the man working there was incredibly rude. After that long motorcycle ride there we turned around and never went in. It was pretty upsetting.

  3. The National park fees just changed by the new government’s policy.
    It’s make tourism business go down 🙁

  4. This is one time I think dual pricing might be acceptable. Because the Thai price is so affordable and it is a “natonal park”; I assume the Thai taxpayers money is going into the upkeep.

    Whereas a private venture like the aquarium in Bangkok charges an expensive Thai price around 10 times the entrance fee here. I regard them as rogues and the national parks as being acceptable.

    Although with the foreigner pricing being so much higher I have to question my own logic i.e. do they need any taxpayers money when they are taking so much from foreigners.

    It is clear that Thailand is a fully corrupt country so I may become a sceptic about the national parks in future. For now I will try and stay positive and give them the benefit of the doubt whilst enjoying this beautiful country.

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