Mini Siam

Mini Siam (Pattaya, Chonburi Province)


Adults/ผู้ใหญ่ –
Thai/คนไทย: 100 Baht
Foreigners/ชาวต่างชาติ: 250 Baht
(150% more expensive for foreigners)

Children/เด็ก –
Thai/คนไทย: 50 Baht
Foreigners/ชาวต่างชาติ: 120 Baht
(140%% more expensive for foreigners)

Have you been to this place? Were you able to get the Thai price? Was it good value for money if you had to pay the “farang” price? Let us know in the comments…

15 responses to “Mini Siam

  1. If the Thai people choose to charge you foreigners more, then c’est la vie! Most of the Thai are so poor and they are not making enough money, does it really matter that we, as non-tax paying tourists, pay a little extra to help these people out? I love this country and I love my wife. You, on the other hand, seem to have so many grudges against this lovely country and should head back to where you are from. I will report your site to the TAT and we shall see what they can do about your silly rant.

    • You say what??
      Report to the TAT?
      Take it easy

    • Ray, back in your lovely country, charging Thais double the price, you know that they’ll complain — or will they say, “Lovely, lets support the poor local population.”

      Stinkingly rich people living here, hiding behind the back of and exploiting the poor majority. Reason enough for the double-pricing system?

      Oh, and all the overpaid money goes directly into the maintenance and development of the visited attractions… keep on dreaming you poor, naive farang.

    • help out?!? Help out who? The stinking filthy rich people who built this so-called attraction.

      None of the double-pricing goes to helping out the poor but it does by the owners a new benz.

  2. Just last weekend I had such a frustrating experience that I was about to make a same website just to aware tourist. Now I think there is no need since you already made one.

    I have a problem coz I am paying tax here. Many places refuses to accept driving License, Work permit and House Registration ( Tabien Baan), as a valid proof that I am not a tourist here. This makes me really frustrated. Why should I be paying ridiculously high ticket prices when I am paying tax here. I can not go to any temple just for prayer coz I need to buy a foreigner price tickets. It simply stupid as I am living here and have to go to temple for praying.

    Funniest thing I found is 3BB internet company have a different policy for foreigner’s and Thais.

    Officials needs serious education to understand the difference between a Tourist and Tax paying people.

  3. This is not charging Foreigner more, but charging Thai less. Like MOCA – museum of comtemporary art in bangkok. They have only 1 charge – adult B180. I love the place, but how can a Thai person with minimum wage of B300/day afford to visit?

    • The base price the the price the majority pay. If the majority of visitors are Thai then it is a price INCREASE for the foreigner.

  4. Dear Ray
    If you took a moment before starting a rant, you would have noticed this text on the website:

    “The intention of this website is to give people the “Right to Choose”. We don’t think it is fair that some tourist attractions disguise the fact that they have a two price system.
    Our opinion is that if they want to charge foreign tourists as much as 200% more for the same thing then that is their decision. But, don’t do it in a way that is both sneaky and insulting.
    On this site we only list attractions that hide the fact that they have two prices. As soon as they announce in English that there are two different prices we will then take them off the database.”

  5. kampong boy – That is not really true. I went with my Thai wife to Ancient Siam once. There was one price for foreigners. One price for Thais. And another much cheaper price for Thais who lived in Samut Prakan. The third price is the discount price.

    • I agreeed with Brandon. There was one price for foreigners. One price for Thais. And another much cheaper price for Thais who lived in Samut Prakan. The third price is the discount price for owner place( Thais who lived in Samut )They taked some money to repair building, some for worker salary. I think it so higher price than Thais,but most of it for paying.Please give kindness to Thais. If they have some money,they can save everything well.

  6. It is not dual pricing. Some places just give discount to thai, what’s wrong with that? I have membercard for superstore and they give me discount, same same.

  7. I was at Mini Siam last week. If you show your WP or Drivers license you will get the Thai price.

  8. I think when the Westerner pays 100-200 baht, it might be acceptable to some. However, when the price is 500 baht (per person) it is no longer cheap and I think no longer fair for your average traveler. You can fill a car full of people in the United States and visit Yellowstone for $25.00 (for a week!). When the Thai person pays 100 baht and a Westerner 500 baht, it is begging for a boycott, especially if it makes you feel uneasy in some way. Usually, I don’t complain about the double pricing system, and as a long time visitor and occasional resident I don’t always have to pay, but I think the recent price surges are wrong. On a personal level, I just think many of these type of places should be avoided. I wonder what will happen when there is a convergence in Asian and Western currencies. Will they continue to maintain this price disparity? It is a remnant of the colonial-post-colonial era that would best be put in a museum.

  9. I went there on King’s Birthday with my adopted son and his grandmother. My son (100% Thai) requested us me to go saying it’s father’s day, you get in free. I believe that is the tradition here. But no I was asked to pay the farang price, despite being the legal guardian of a Thai citizen, a 30 year resident, showing Thai driving license, speaking almost fluent Thai etc.

    We left disgusted after grandma had a few strong words that I wouldn’t dare repeat here to the manager on duty.

  10. Now 200 Bht for local farang – if you have Thai driving license or/and Work Permit.
    Never come back !

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