Koh Samet


Koh Samet (Rayong)


Thai/คนไทย: 40 Baht
Foreigners/ชาวต่างชาติ: 200 Baht
(400% more expensive for foreigners)

Thai/คนไทย: 20
Foreigners/ชาวต่างชาติ: 100 Baht


Have you been to this place? Were you able to get the Thai price? Was it good value for money if you had to pay the “farang” price? Let us know in the comments…

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  1. This is a very stupid thing to do.Many times I have been asked to pay more than a Thai person but I refuse and go some other place.I think the Thai government should stop this practise as it is hurting the tourist trade.No one should pay more because they are tourists.We spend a lot of money in this country but do not want to be ripped off with this sort of thing.This may be the reason tourists are now going to Vietnam .So my message to Thailand is if you want us to go to another country and not Thailand keep on overcharging us and it will happen ” GUARANTEED”

    • Samet is the easiest to avoid. Walk from the pier, do not take the song thaew. most times you can walk past the checkpoint hassle free. Got a thai girlfriend or woman? let her carry the luggage and walk a few meters behind her, as if you already staying there. Never paid 1 thb fee there in the last 5 years

  2. My husband and i have taken a year out to travel around Thailand and have been ripped off numerous times. We are currently in Krabi and this is the worst place so far. 10x normal prices at national parks, boat tours to islands ranging from 1200 to 10000 each, and restaurants charging european prices and more!! It’s disgusting – i am recommending friends to visit other Asian countries and my husband and i are currently discussing whether to continue our year elsewhere.

  3. Koh Samed is pretty easy. Just take a copy of your work permit with you and you always get the Thai price. Even easier if you say it in Thai.

  4. The dual pricing in Thailand is a rip off for all foreigners.
    Racial discrimination.

    If USA or Australia charged all Asian double the local cost,
    you would here the out cry around the world.

    Do away with dual pricing and the various rip off scams.

  5. Get a speedboat over to wherever you are staying, land at the beach = no charge for going ‘through’ the national park.

    If there is 4 or more, it’s cost effective, not to mention more convenient.

  6. That could be Johanna (actually a Thai driver’s license would be best as not everyone has a work permit and in my experience a work permit works no better than a Thai driver’s license anyway) but I think that the overall bad feeling you get, in anticipation of having to talk your way into the Thai price, or fearful of either not getting the Thai price and thus not entering, leaves a bad impression on the part of both well informed tourists who know what’s going on and expats alike. It’s one of those things that makes your heart beat faster, thinking about the awful practice and how you have to “prove” that you shouldn’t be paying the inflated charges. And also don’t forget not every place will accept a Thai license or work permit etc. for that matter. Some will and some won’t.

    And of course personally I don’t care how much I have to pay provided EVERYONE pays the same as me. I would rather pay 500 Baht knowing my Thai acquaintance or the random Thai person next to also has to pay this amount than me paying 100 vs. 20 for other Thais. I accept students, seniors and others are entitled to discounts but in typical Thai discriminatory practice, these types of persons DON’T get discounts even if they’re local – the only differences in pricing in Thailand are always us vs. them i.e. foreigners vs. locals. Sometimes there are child discounts though rarely.

  7. I went to the Anthong National Marine Park near Koh Samui and price is 300 baht for farang and 40 baht for thai !!!!! nearly X 10 !!!!!!!!

  8. I’ve lived in Thailand for 13 years and been going there for 20 , my family stay there I’m of working in other parts of Asia and general get home every 2 weeks. I tend to keep away from Tourist places. The problem being that the rip off message is endorsed by TAT who always give a Sum in Money when announcing tourist numbers. What riles me is for all the Billions they chirp about it looks like very little is reinvested in Tourist areas by the Government. They have great beaches , weather , scenery , but the surrounding and connecting roads , pavements (If they have any) are falling to pieces . Crows nests of electric cables everywhere. Patong is my least favorite place. We used to play in the veterans soccer 7s starting about 7 years ago , I hadn’t been for a while and I found everyone working there eager to remove money from the Farangs pockets, equally most of the Farangs were there for there own dubious reasons. I booked 10 rooms in a hotel for team and kids ect, decent hotel on the beach. I Mailed them and asked for Mini bus to pick us up at airport the said they would send me CC authorization form as they wanted the 1200 baht up front. Luckily I booked early and had free cancellation up until about a week before check in , so I cancelled every room and we stayed somewhere else. Some hotels are trying rip off measure in Bangkok bout “Family Rooms” Charging 6k a night. They are actually adjoining standard rooms that would cost you far less if you booked individually, soi 11 being 1 of the culprits. I always complain at the hotel , then in writing to the agent and on occasion TAT. Had a few groveling apologies but no money and the practice continues. I find my self looking for rip offs now including double pricing ect , so I do myself a favour and stay away from those areas and keep my money in my pocket , lots of little towns , of which we live in one, about where the people are friendly and appreciate foreigners patronage

  9. I’m of caucasian appearance. You might refer to this as being ฝรั่ง.
    I get the “Thai” price everywhere.
    I simply show my ท.ร.13 book as I have legal Permanent Residency (Immigrant Visa).
    Should tourists and other non-permanent immigrants (legal workers , retirees on Non-Immigrant Visas etc.. get double priced ? Debatable , but it is something that happens all over the world also, so I wouldn’t fret about it too much.

  10. Michael Lennie

    Dual Pricing
    Let us look at the case of two men ; Mike and Phil.
    Mike is an Australian citizen who lives in Thailand and earns a modest salary paid in baht teaching Thai kids at a provincial school. He pays his taxes and he spends his earnings locally. He has been a Buddhist monk and speaks and reads Thai quite well. He has a Thai wife and two children.
    Phil is also an Australian citizen, born in Australia, and who has lived in Australia all his life. He has a good salary in Australia paid in A$. He can only speak a few words of Thai. He comes to Thailand for holidays. He is single.
    On a visit to a Thai National Park, one man will pay 40 baht and the other will pay 200 baht. Is this fair?
    Some will say no. Some may think it is ok. As some of you may have guessed, however, Mike is the one who pays 200. I ,of course, am Mike and Phil is my beloved son for whom I helped obtain a Thai ID card.

  11. I went to a weekend market, and had my Thai girlfriend negotiate a price with a vendor for some shirts that I liked, then I walked up to pay for them, and the price went up 50%.

    Double pricing is common in Thailand in many places.

  12. Dual pricing is quite common in Asian countries, and it’s certainly here to stay in the foreseeable future. It’s part of the Thai system, and it’s the norm. Generally speaking, Thailand does actively discriminate against foreigners both in daily life and in legislation, and that is how it is. As a result, they don’t inherit many of the problems of the west, and foreigners are tightly controlled in every aspect of life in Thailand. That saying, it hasn’t stopped tourists from coming to the Kingdom. Next year (2017) an estimated figure of between 25-30 million tourists will visit Thailand, one of the highest in the region.

  13. @theguest

    Dual pricing is NOT ‘common’ in Asian countries….just Thailand.

    Don’t be an apologist for it. It is discrimination, plain and simple.

    Tourists are still coming because they haven’t gotten the message that they are being ripped off (badly)…..time will tell

  14. Honestly I hate the ruthless manner Thais defend or force you to pay foreigner price. I got my drivers license in December 2016 and thus far by fighting, negotiating and speaking in perfect Thai I have saved myself 260 Baht with getting either discount/Thai price.

    At Koh Samet I struck gold by politely “fighting” with a soldier there. I payed 40 Baht to get in. It helped that my wife (half Thai) was there. They always want to overcharge her to but she is a Thai national and tells them what she thinks after they bug her with the dual price bull shit. They also gave me Thai price thankfully.

    Thai language certainly helps but you need to explain how you feel and luckily my Thai is good enough to defend my stance.

    Unfortunately the license and speaking Thai doesn’t work always. Keep on fighting out there because the dual price is a load of shit.

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