Koh Lanta Car Ferry

Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta Car Ferry (Krabi)


Thai/คนไทย: 10 Baht
Foreigners/ชาวต่างชาติ: 20 Baht
(100% more expensive for foreigners)

Have you been to this place? Were you able to get the Thai price? Was it good value for money if you had to pay the “farang” price? Let us know in the comments…

3 responses to “Koh Lanta Car Ferry

  1. Dear all,
    We wanted to know if we drive to Crown Lanta Resort from Krabi Airport, what would be the route and how many times we should take the car ferry with the price? Thanks

  2. It’s 6 thb for 2 ferrys for Thai and free for children under 12 and 20th for foreigners regardless of age but foreigners that live on the island go for local rate so not so bad.

  3. Must have been included in our minivan transfer from lanta to krabi town. 280THB. 2 ferries.

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